• Question: As a scientist, have you had an opportunity to adress antimicrobial resistance?

    Asked by push16and to Peter, Mary, Jacquie, George, Boniface on 12 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Boniface Oyugi

      Boniface Oyugi answered on 12 Feb 2021:

      As a scientist, I have not done research on AMR; however, I know one scientist (see, https://www.tropicalmedicine.ox.ac.uk/team/michuki-maina) who has done a lot of research in it.

      However, as an individual, I have taken personal responsibility to avoid the misuse of antibiotics.

    • Photo: Jacquie Oliwa

      Jacquie Oliwa answered on 12 Feb 2021:

      Personally I haven’t looked at AMR specifically, except for looking at Multiple-drug resistance TB data..

    • Photo: Mary Bitta

      Mary Bitta answered on 15 Feb 2021:

      Personally I haven’t, but this is a great area of research that I try to read about occasionally. Is there anything you are particularly curious about?