• Question: What are the origins and causes of hemorrhoids? Do they have treatment to full recovery? What's their treatment? And lastly, How long is the recovery time?

    Asked by debt16and to Peter, Mary, Jacquie, George, Boniface, Alice on 17 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Jacquie Oliwa

      Jacquie Oliwa answered on 17 Feb 2021:

      Haemorrhoids are due to dilation of the veins around the anal canal..usually caused by straining while trying to pass hard stool.
      Treatment depends on the extent, and may be medical and if extensive, may require surgery.
      Prevention is better, by ensuring diet rich in fibre, stool softeners when needed and plenty of fluids, as well as keeping active
      Recovery again depends, on lots of factors, including severity, age, other co-morbidities etc

    • Photo: George Serem

      George Serem answered on 18 Feb 2021:

      IN addition, long sitting can cause haemorroids,