• Question: As a scientist, what is your main motivation? What drives you to do what you do on a daily basis?

    Asked by push16and to Peter, Mary, Jacquie, George, Boniface, Alice on 9 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Jacquie Oliwa

      Jacquie Oliwa answered on 9 Feb 2021:

      For me, it’s the hope that the work I am doing will help improve the quality of health care in this country, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths.

    • Photo: Boniface Oyugi

      Boniface Oyugi answered on 9 Feb 2021:

      I am driven by passion to make some contribution to reducing preventable maternal deaths and pregnancy related complications through nationwide policies such Linda mama (free maternity policy). I also desire to understand and shape how policy makers think and work.

    • Photo: Mary Bitta

      Mary Bitta answered on 9 Feb 2021:

      Because a lot of my research work is based in the community and it involves working with very vulnerable people with mental illness, I am always motivated by the improvements I see in people’s health and well-being after taking part in some of our projects.

    • Photo: George Serem

      George Serem answered on 9 Feb 2021:

      That excitement that comes by one working with great minds and two the output of your work making a positive impact/change is quite satisfying

    • Photo: Alice Kamau

      Alice Kamau answered on 10 Feb 2021:

      My biggest motivation is the hope that the work I do will make a difference in the community no matter how small it might seem. I also enjoy the intellectual stimulation that comes along with my work as well as the ability to use and come up with new inventions.