• Question: How did you end up being a scientist?

    Asked by chat16and to Peter, Mary, Jacquie, George, Boniface, Alice on 12 Feb 2021.
    • Photo: Jacquie Oliwa

      Jacquie Oliwa answered on 12 Feb 2021:

      I started in medical school, having an interest in research after doing an elective incidentally at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, Kilifi when I was in 4th year. The interaction with the scientists was so good, had a great learning experience there and decided I would eventually end up in research..so far so good, no regrets.

    • Photo: Boniface Oyugi

      Boniface Oyugi answered on 12 Feb 2021:

      In undergraduate, we did a research course and even produced a protocol as part of the course objective. During my internship, I was lucky to have been part of the team that was chosen to collect data on the then-new PCV vaccine for which we traversed the whole country and spoke to different community stakeholders. It opened my eyes to a different research world. After the internship, I got a job in a research program at the University of Nairobi on PMTCT that introduced me to other research aspects.

    • Photo: Mary Bitta

      Mary Bitta answered on 15 Feb 2021:

      When I was in fourth year in campus, just 3 months before I finished, I saw an advert online for a 6-month internship on a research project about psychiatric and neurological outcomes of using antimalarial drugs. Since I was very keen in psychiatry, I applied for it and got the position to work with amazing scientists at the Tropical Neurosciences group at KEMRI Wellcome Trust Kilifi. During that project, I had so many other research questions that my supervisor decided to extend my contract so that I could try and answer those questions, and its been 5 years now!

    • Photo: Alice Kamau

      Alice Kamau answered on 15 Feb 2021:

      During the last semester of my fourth year, I tried to identify potential institutions I could intern with. I purposely choose to pay to intern at KEMRI CPHR as I wanted to align myself with research-oriented institutions. I applied for a job opportunity at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust in Kilifi and luckily the internship gave me an upper hand.